“Dr. D"

A. J. delaHoussaye, MD, FACS, also known as “Dr. D”, received the Chancellor’s Scholarship to pursue his bachelor’s degree at Louisiana State University before attending Harvard University.


Dr. D was selected as LSU Young Alumnus of the Year in 2002 out of 300,000 graduates for his generosity to the veterans, inventions and US patents. This award was given to Shaquille O'Neal the previous year.


Dr. D then attended LSU Medical School in New Orleans on a Board of Supervisor’s Scholarship and graduated with HONORS


Dr. D’s research publications have appeared in the LIFE SCIENCE JOURNAL, and as a result of his definitive research, upon graduation, he was awarded the LSU Medical School Research Award.

Dr. D then completed a four-year residency at Ochsner in New Orleans where he served as Chief Resident.  Dr. D was the first resident at Ochsner to perform clear cornea cataract surgery, which later became the standard technique for cataract surgery in America.


Dr. D founded SEECA in 1998, an ophthalmology practice that provides eye-care to South Louisiana. SEECA has a staff of about twenty five team members with four board certified ophthalmologists and performs about 20,000 eye exams per year. Dr. D is proud of the reputation SEECA has earned as one of the most caring and professional medical practices in Louisiana.

Board Certified in Ophthalmology:

Dr. D is Board Certified in Ophthalmology and is a member of the American Academy of

Ophthalmology and American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons.

He achieved the coveted FACS (Fellow, American College of Surgeons) designation, which is the highest honor a surgeon can earn from the College.
Patients are impressed by the fact that Dr. D voluntarily repeated his Board Certification, which

assures that Dr. D keeps up with the latest developments in ophthalmology. This high level of dedication exhibits Dr. D's commitment to the profession.

Additional Awards:
  • Selected as Houma Small Business of the Year by the United States Chamber of Commerce…twice.

  • Recipient of ‘Best Eye Care” numerous times. (Voted on by the people of Houma-Thibodaux).

  • Worldwide Microsoft Award for advanced implementation of SEECA EMR 2004.

  • Patriotic Citizen of the Year 2005 for remarkable generosity to Veterans and their families.

  • Appointed by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal 2008-2012 to the Louisiana State Medical Advisory Board. Dr. D received this honor after a rigorous vetting process culminating in the Louisiana State Legislature's approval of the appointment. Dr. D was one of only two ophthalmologists to receive this honor.

  • Recipient of a key to Houma in 2009 for starting the Independence Day Celebration.

Dr. D loves Veterans:

Dr. D’s father, a decorated Marine fighter pilot, was killed in Vietnam when Dr. D was one year old.  This tragedy made Dr. D realize how much Veterans and their families sacrifice for America. It was incredibly tough, growing up without a father, but it taught Dr. D that you can overcome tragedy and be okay.


Dr. D truly appreciates all Veterans and their families for pledging their lives to this country and their fellow man. As a show of thanks, SEECA offers a significant discount for all Veterans in the optical shop (year round) and a discount on Lasik for Veterans (year round).

Veterans Vision Day

SEECA Veterans Vision Day was started by Dr. D in 2002 as a way to say thanks to the veterans. Dr. D gives free full eye exams to all Veterans and their spouses on Veterans Day because Dr. D knows what it means to put America first.

Ballistics Grade Protective Eyewear for the military

Dr. D donated Oakley ballistics grade eyewear to local troops as a way to protect their eyes on the battlefield. These Oakley glasses were special military issue ballistic grade eyewear, (think bullet-proof protection for your eyes). In a twist of fate, the ballistics glasses Dr. D provided to one of our soldiers protected his eyes when a rocket hit his helicopter in Afghanistan and exploded in his face. The soldier credits the glasses with saving his eyes. Dr. D was gratified to know that his gift helped save this soldier's sight in battle.

Independence Day:

Dr. D founded, organized and sponsored the Houma/Terrebonne Fourth of July Celebration, starting in 2009. Over the years, this event has included a bike race, beauty pageant, fun run, parade, solemn ceremony, entertainment, food booths, kids events, jet flyovers, parachute jumpers and of course, AWESOME FIREWORKS. Dr. D and SEECA are proud to work with the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT to sponsor an annual Fishing Rodeo that grew out of the Fourth of July Celebration. SEECA proudly partners with the Terrebonne Patriots, led by local Civic Leader Danny Picou, who helps orchestrate this annual event for the Houma/Terrebonne community.

SEECA EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

Dr. D invented and copyrighted the software system that SEECA uses to see patients. In 1998, when Dr. D started SEECA, he predicted the future of medicine would be computerized.  There was not a computerized records system that met with Dr. D’s approval, so Dr. D used his programming experience to build one.


After 2 years of programming, SEECA EMR was launched and has evolved ever since. SEECA now has a technology team that works fulltime to make its electronic medical records better.  Patients experience the benefits of this technology as constant enhancements are made to the EMR which allows Dr. D to focus on the patients, while the technicians focus on documenting the exam.


Patients often ask if they need to check out at the front desk before they exit. They are pleasantly surprised to learn that there is no need, since payment has been previously collected and their appointment information has already been printed out. Respect of the patient’s time is a SEECA goal. Efficiency is possible since SEECA maintains its own medical records which gets modified and improved daily.

Invention and United States Patents:

Doctors talk about using the newest technology available, but it is extremely rare for a doctor to have invented the new technology themselves. Dr. D has a US Patent that makes SEECA more efficient. SEECA’S average exam time, for all patients, is 28 minutes. This amazing time is a reflection of commitment to respecting the patients’ time and the efficiency of Dr. D’s invention.  Dr. D’s other US Patent relates to bicycle safety.

US Patent (Patent pending): D-Flag Lights

D-Flag Lights automate the traditional manual plastic flags placed outside of each exam room by integrating a light system with the previously mentioned EMR.  As the patient enters into the examination room, the D-Flag Lights automatically turn on and then automatically change color as the nurse/doctor goes through their normal exam procedure.


The Result is a dramatic increase in efficiency by eliminating the need to manually adjust the notification flags up/down for each step in the exam. Time-motion studies are easily done with this technology and these lights are esthetically pleasing.

US Patent: 9,266,576 B1 Tamper Evident Wheel Support (for bikes)

While Dr. D was recovering from his unfortunate bicycle accident (described in more detail later), he spent months in a hospital bed. He took advantage of the downtime to think of a way he could prevent this accident from happening to anyone else. The front wheel of Dr. D’s bike came off, without warning, because the previous owner of the bike filed off the lawyer tabs to save time when he transported the bike. Dr. D was unaware that the bike had been tampered with. If the bike that caused the accident had Dr. D’s patented invention, Dr. D would never have had the accident in the first place. Dr. D’s TAMPER EVIDENT invention is similar, in concept, to tamper evident medicine bottles. Long ago, one could open a Tylenol bottle and place a cyanide capsule inside of it, put the cap back on, and no one could tell. An unsuspecting person could then die from taking the poisonous capsule (and did). Today, this is not possible since Tylenol bottles have tamper evident foil.  In the future, individuals will know when someone has tampered with their lawyer tabs on their bike, thanks to this patent.

Artificial intelligence:

Dr. D has been using artificial intelligence since 2002 to assist with glaucoma management. Google and IBM popularized artificial intelligence years later, but a decade before these technology giants thought about artificial intelligence, SEECA was using it on a daily basis to help its patients.

The concept behind artificial intelligence is simple. Computers can calculate complex data effortlessly and the answer is correct 100% of the time. For example, when was the last time your computerized calculator gave you the wrong answer? Artificial intelligence takes very complex data and distills this data down to come up with the correct answer…every time.

Back in 2002, Dr. D was using artificial intelligence to calculate “target intra ocular pressures” for patients. This task would normally take a doctor 7-15 minutes to calculate but the computer could calculate this number in a half-second and it was always correct. Since using this artificial intelligence, the computer has NEVER BEEN INCORRECT. Doctors should never say “never”, but in this case it's accurate.

Since the success of the first artificial intelligence system, Dr. D has invented other artificial intelligence systems that are more complex. SEECA uses artificial intelligence on every patient during every visit. One hundred percent accuracy in diagnosis and treatment is the goal.

For example, let's say an individual has been a SEECA patient for 18 years and long ago, they had an episode of a rare infection that responded to an uncommon medication. It is possible that a doctor would not recall this episode, BUT THE COMPUTER NEVER FORGETS. The system would recall this infection and the medication used and would remind the doctor of this episode, even though it's been 18 years.

This type of great care would be unlikely without the aid of artificial intelligence and computers. Dr. D has been on the forefront of this revolution since he started SEECA. Dr. D predicts that artificial intelligence will help doctors practice better medicine in the future.

Inventions and copyrights for artificial intelligence by Dr. D
  • Invented and copyrighted GLAUCOMA artificial intelligence in 2002

  • Invented and copyrighted LASIK artificial intelligence in 2008

  • Invented and copyrighted CATARACT SURGERY artificial intelligence in 2010

  • Invented and  copyrighted   EYE EXAM artificial intelligence in 2016


Dr. D invested in one of the most advanced lasers in the world (Lasik VISX S4 LASER) which delivers the most precise, customized LASIK correction possible. This is the same technology used on America’s fighter pilots and astronauts. This level of commitment to excellence defines everything at SEECA.

The Accident:

In 2012, Dr. D was involved in a horrific bicycle wreck that resulted in a broken neck (cervical vertebrae 2, 3 and 7), major stroke, fractured skull, and multiple cranial nerve palsies. After losing a critical amount of blood, Dr. D became unconscious and was hanging on by a thread.


Dr. D barely made it to the hospital where the doctors frantically tried to save his life. After emergency surgery, Dr. D woke up from the coma, but was unable to speak, walk, eat or breathe without a ventilator. Many feared the worst.


It was very depressing, Dr. D recalls, going from helping others to being completely helpless. During his recovery, Dr. D prayed every day and promised God that if He would let him walk again, he would become the best person he could be. After months in a hospital bed, Dr. D got his miracle! He was able to walk, talk and breathe without a ventilator after many had thought this was impossible. He was even able to return to work, which was a shock. The recovery took over 2 years of intense physical therapy and Dr. D still has significant deficits, but he is so grateful for his ability to walk, he overlooks the deficits.


“Being completely disabled after my accident was a humbling experience, but life-changing because I saw medicine from the perspective of the patient…and boy did I learn.” The empathy that Dr. D has, as a result of his accident, transcends the normal Doctor-Patient relationship. When Dr. D says, “I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL” it's because Dr. D lived through a number of eye related issues that gave him a new appreciation for how devastating eye issues can be.

Dr. D thinks that TRUE EMPATHY is one of the most important characteristics of a good doctor. The accident allowed Dr. D to cherish patients in a way that only happens in rare circumstances when doctors are forced to experience medical treatment as a patient. This transformation does not happen in weeks or even months, but takes years. The unfortunate bicycle accident has changed Dr. D forever and made him realize that patients experience medicine from a completely different perspective compared to what doctors assume.

The result is a very different doctor and a very different practice. Dr. D says “patients say that our practice has a special feeling they can discern instantly. I am grateful to work with professionals that truly love our patients as much as I do.”