What is Lasik?

For individuals who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, there

is now a way to improve your vision that does not require glasses or contact lenses. LASIK laser vision correction is a technique that reshapes the surface of the cornea with a laser, which will correct your vision problems. LASIK is an outpatient procedure performed at our office lasting approximately five to ten minutes per eye. Our Custom LASIK procedure offers the most advanced and most affordable LASIK procedure you can get anywhere, and it is the same procedure used by NASA on its Astronauts. 

Our Technology:

To make this technology affordable, we have put together, what we feel, is the best Custom LASIK surgery package in America including the following benefits:

  • Free consultations

  • Free pre-operative testing

  • Free post-op care for 12 months

  • SEECA’s “Great Vision Guarantee”

  • Free enhancements for one full year

  • Interest free financing for up to 12 full months

  • The lowest price on Custom Lasik in America

We sincerely thank you for your interest in having LASIK laser vision correction with us. You may find comfort in knowing that we have NEVER had a vision threatening complication and our “enhancement rate” is 0.3% **This is 30 times better than the national average of about 10%**. Our World Class record of success is the result of our attention to detail and our philosophy of only operating on perfect candidates. We also invented a software program that analyzes all the data collected from your FREE consultation and Pre-operative examination.

Am I a good candidate?

You are most likely a candidate for LASIK laser vision correction if:

  • Your eyes are in good health

  • You want to get rid of contacts and glasses.

  • Your vision is stable

By scheduling a FREE consultation, we can determine if you may benefit from LASIK laser vision correction and evaluate whether or not you will be a good candidate for this type of procedure. You can call our office at 985-853-0900 or click on the "Request More Information" link above and a team member from our office will be happy to contact you.

What are my risk of complications?

As with any surgical procedure, there are associated risks. Although rare, they can occur and this is why it is important to meet with your surgeon on the pre-operative visit before you schedule your LASIK procedure. Thankfully, we have never had a major complication (an amazing accomplishment) and we intend to keep that record of perfection going, but it's important to understand that this is a surgical procedure. We take your vision and your procedure very seriously. We make sure every number is checked and re-checked, multiple times before we do any procedure. Patients often ask, "Which of the many readings that we take, will be used to determine the power that we finally select with the laser?" We have written an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE computer program, unique to SEECA, that uses **ALL** of your vision readings to come up with the one number that we will use for your treatment plan. All your data is fed into our powerful computers and using a complex formula, the computer calculates the final power that we use. This number is seamlessly fed into the laser which prevents possible errors. By using amazing systems, we ensure that any risk you might have is as low as possible.

Listed below are a few of our vows to our patients:

  • Passion for perfection drives everything we do at SEECA. We are committed to being the best. To accomplish this, our entire staff is continuously learning and training in an attempt to continuously improve our results.

  • We built a copyrighted computer software program to manage the significant amount of data we collect on each patient during the consultation and pre-op process.

  • We have created a TRIPLE CHECK PROCESS for everything we do, so that at least 3 Visx Certified team members review all your data and agree on a treatment plan before your surgery.

  • We only select the best candidates for our procedures. Simply put, if you are not a perfect candidate for laser surgery, we will NOT do surgery on you. Whereas other practices do surgery on “all comers” about 25% of the patients who want surgery, but do not meet our strict criteria.


By utilizing all the tools mentioned above, combined with a sincere desire to do our very best for each patient, we have been able to consistently achieve world class results with very low enhancements rates and no serious complications. Thanks for putting your trust in SEECA. We look forward to serving you and providing you with the best vision possible.