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Lasik Magic

What is Lasik and refractive surgery?

In general terms, refractive surgery is laser surgery that allows people to see perfectly without glasses or contact lenses. Many patients are surprised at how easy the procedure is because they imagine a very involved process, but the actual laser procedure typically takes less than 30 seconds.

What do you tell patients that are nervous about getting refractive surgery?

We totally understand being nervous and we share the patient’s concern, which is why we are so careful to make sure we do everything perfectly. We treat all patients as if they were our favorite relative and  give them the reassurance that this is one of the safest procedures in medicine. Most don’t realize that SEECA has never had a refractive surgery complication (even after doing thousands of procedures for over 10 years). This does not mean that you won't be nervous, but it does mean that you cannot find a practice with a better record of safety.

Do you have a secret to your low complication rate?

Dr. D created our own custom ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM that looks at every detail of the workup and this helps us maintain our perfect record of zero complications by ensuring we don’t miss anything…EVER. This artificial intelligence program then uses a very advanced proprietary formula to help Dr. D design the treatment. This level of commitment to perfection exemplifies everything at SEECA.

How can Dr. D charge so little for refractive surgery?

Dr. D had a severe accident and a near-death experience that had a profound effect on him. After he returned from his recovery, which took years, he immediately decreased the cost of Lasik to $1,000 for all patients with no hidden fees. This is the same procedure that averages over $2,000 per eye in the rest of the country. Dr. D could charge more for this procedure, because we have one of the best CUSTOM VISX lasers in the country, but he doesn't. He also created a $100 discount for veterans in addition to our already low price. Dr. D is adamant about these prices and his new outlook is understandable when you consider that he probably shouldn't be living.

Is refractive surgery good for life?

In the past, refractive surgery went bad after a few years and many still think that refractive surgery has a temporary lifespan of 5-7 years, but we see patients we did over a decade ago, and their vision is still perfect, uncorrected. The cool thing about the refractive surgeries of today is that there is no PRESCRIPTION DRIFT, so whatever your prescription is on day one will typically be your prescription for the rest of your life.

Any final thoughts on this topic?

We had a very nice patient, recently, who said that his vision was so clear that he wished he had done this procedure years ago. We never get tired of hearing this awesome feedback from our patients. Lasik and refractive surgery are truly magical procedures and we are blessed to help people see their best with this amazing technology.

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