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Cataracts are ubiquitous if you live to a mature age. But fear not, getting cataracts treated is easy and presents a wonderful opportunity to make your vision better in ways that are amazing! Patients are pleasantly surprised to learn that cataract surgery technology has evolved dramatically during the past few years. Now, we can calculate the power of your glasses and factor this number into the lenses that we implant into your eye during cataract removal. The result is that your vision is good, WITHOUT GLASSES, even up close.

Patients frequently stop me right there and say, “Dr. D, let me get this straight, you are saying that I will NOT need glasses for distance or near vision after cataract surgery?” Our answer? “Correct, except you may need magnifying glasses for small tasks, but most of our patients do not need glasses for even small print.” Wow, is the response that I get when I tell patients about this technology, and I agree. It is marvelous.

I never though this technology would be available. I can remember, when I was a resident 20 years ago, no one thought that one day we would have an intra ocular lens that accomplished the amazing feat of focusing the eye.

In 1994, the intra ocular lenses we had been using for 50 years was great but didn’t have the ability to dynamically focus, like the youthful eye. Fast forward to today and we can offer this technology to our patients and it feels like magic to everyone that was around when we all thought that this technology was impossible. We have the ability, now, to allow patients to see like they did when they were 25. I am so proud of our field for figuring out the hidden secrets of great vision and accommodation (the ability to clearly focus on objects at variable distances).

I am committed to the patients of this area, and I want to help others with this amazing technology. It is an honor to extend a unique offer to the readers of this magazine. Mention this article to our SEECA team  and I will do a FREE FULL EXAM on you that will assess your ability to get this procedure. There is no obligation and no need for previous chart notes or insurance cards. All we need is you. I will tell you about your cataract status, when you are likely to need cataract surgery, and will answer any questions about this awesome technology. People from this area deserve to know their cataract status and learn about their choices. Here is to great vision!

Cataract Surgery at SEECA

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