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Cataract IOL Lens Options - No More Glasses!

Cataract Surgery Lens Options - ""its a once in a lifetime opportunity!"

Dr. D has been performing cataract surgery since 1996 and recommends IOL lenses (also called Premium Lenses or Multi-focal lenses) which are the most advanced lens technology available for patients wanting to get out of their contacts and glasses. This premium procedure corrects all distances (near, far and intermediate) and also addresses astigmatism so patients with this condition are treated for it during their procedure.  This procedure also improves depth perception, which has shown to decrease falls in the elderly. There are many lens options including Rezoom, Restore, Tecnis and Crystalens to improve vision during cataract surgery.  Dr. D will evaluate your condition and goals and choose the lens that best suits you.   Our patients are amazed at what they can see after getting these lenses!  

We invite you to come in for your cataract surgery evaluation to learn more about how these lenses can improve your lifestyle.

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