Cataract Patient Testimonies

Shanna Malone

I had a complex cataract surgery done only in my right eye in November of last year. Before my surgery I had a minus prescription and my vision was not the best. I am an avid hunter and my main concern was wether or not I would be able to still shoot my gun after surgery. Before my surgery I was not able to shoot for 3 years, because of my poor vision in the right eye. After I had my cataract removed I was 20/20 in the right eye and I am completely out of my glasses. Dr. Prestridge is the surgeon who did my operation and he diserves a medal, I am so happy with my vision and the first time I shot my gun after surgery, I killed a deer from 150 yards away! and I killed another one the very next day! Thank you SEECA, Dr. Prestridge, and Dr.D for my amazing vision!