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Giving Back to Military

Nathan Stokes, a member or our active military, was in a helicopter in Afghanistan when he was shot at with a rocket propelled grenade. The explosion sent shrapnel throughout the cockpit. His helmet was destroyed by the blast, but his head was protected. His eyes were protected by the Oakley Special Forces Ballistics glasses given to him by Dr. D before his deployment. The glasses were severely damaged with 16 impact sites throughout the lens on the left side. The shrapnel was hot and partially melted the lenses in the areas of impact. The velocity of the sharp projectiles was extremely high and the back side of the lenses show bulges where the projectiles tested the strength of the glasses, but none of the shrapnel passed through the lenses.

Nathan says that without these glasses, he knows that he would have lost his eye and sustained significant facial trauma. There are only three eye surgeons in Afghanistan, according to him, and therefore, had this injury occurred, he would have required evacuation to Germany for emergency repair of the eye. He feels that these glasses saved him from certain blindness and facial injury and he is very thankful that Dr. D provided these Oakley Special Forces Ballistics glasses to him and the other military men from Houma before they deployed overseas.

It is extremely gratifying to know that the glasses that we provided to our troops helped save the sight of this young man, who is now back home and still serving, now in the Sheriff’s department. I provided him with a  new pair of Oakley Ballistics glasses to protect his eyes while he serves to protect our community. He said that he is now a big fan of Oakley Sunglasses and he recommends them to all of his fellow military and police friends.

To learn more about Oakley Ballistic Glasses, including how to purchase, please visit Oakley Standard Issue

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