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Child Welfare Above Fee

I've heard that good things can come out of a bad situation. I have experienced this first-hand. Recently, my son suffered a serious injury to his eye. This unfortunate accident happened at school.

The school officials took the stand that they were not responsible for any medical attention. This injury could not go without medical attention. The injury was such that several doctor's visits within a short time span were required.

Fortunately, my children are covered under my health insurance. This insurance requires a copayment upon each visit. While the copayment is minimal, for a single, working mother of five boys, the copayment for each visit began to put a strain on my fiances.

I regretfully explained to my son's doctor, A.J. Delahoussaye, M.D., that I would be unable to continue the visits and would be taking my son to Chabert Medical Center for the continued treatment for this injury. This was not something I wanted to do. It was disturbing to me. The care Delahoussaye was giving my son was excellent.

Delahoussaye listened to me and heard my concern and then he put my child's welfare above any fee. He offered to continue the necessary visits for this injury without charging a fee. The care he had given my son had shown me what an excellent physician he was. The care he offered to give without expecting payment proved to me what a genuinely good human being he is.

In a world where any service rendered has a price tag, it is refreshing to know that for some, the care and well-being of another is more valuable than the almighty dollar. While this injury caused much discomfort, I have had the pleasure of experiencing genuine kindness. 

Our community is fortunate to have such an outstanding care-giving citizen.

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