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Lasik Testimonies

Kris Lacoste
R.R. From Dallas, TX

I have to give a shout out to the doctor who did my LASIK surgery. He is the best eye doctor in the world and I can say that without dispute, because he fixed my eyes. Dr. Delahoussaye, "Dr. D" is the medical director for Seeca Medical, Inc. and this guy is like no other doctor I have met in my 12 years of being a paramedic. Dr. D is so personal, and friendly and real. His staff are all so kind and it is really shocking to see people working in a doctor's office to be so nice. Dr. D treats every patient like he would treat his own family.

Paul Fairless

I flew in from Florida because I heard Dr. D and the staff at SEECA were the best and after the amazing vision that I have now, I must say that Dr. D and the team at SEECA exceeded my expectations. 

Dr. Jake Bordelon

As a chiropractor, I need perfect vision, so before getting eye surgery I did some serious research. I learned that Dr. D owns the VISX S4 laser, which is the most advanced Custom Wavefront Guided laser in the world. I also found out that Dr. D has done over 900 refractive surgeries since 2004 with a perfect record of zero serious complications. This, plus a very thorough consultation, convinced me to go with Dr. D. After my laser surgery at SEECA, my vision was amazing. It's great to swim AND SEE with no contacts and my toddler can't grab my glasses off my face anymore. Having great vision makes my career more enjoyable too because I can focus on my patients instead of worrying about my eyes. Thanks Dr. D for perfect vision and excellent care.

Cody Champange

I really have to give thanks to Dr. Prestridge, Dr.D, and the enitre team at Seeca. I went in for the PRK procedure and I was very nervous on getting this done. They assured me everything was going to go well and it did. Everything the Seeca team told me to expect happened. There was no pain and very little discomfort. I think it's 5th best experience in my life, that I no longer have to go every year to get a new pair of glasses. Now the only problem I have is choosing what style of sunglasses I want to buy, since I no longer have to worry about a prescription. I highly recommend for everyone to have the procedure done and to have it done at Seeca. Thanks again to the whole team at seeca for making a big change in my life that I love. Thank you!

Jacob Redden

People who have had this procedure done in the past were never able to explain it to me properly and I was always very scared going into the surgery. I decided to come into Seeca and speak with the staff and doctors there during my FREE consultation, and after speaking with people who are very well educated on this procedure I felt alot more comfortable moving forward with surgery. I am so happy that I made this desicion. I chose PRK, because this is the safer surgery option and I work in a feild where safety glasses don't always protect my eyes. I will talk to friends and family who are considering the surgery and I try to explain the experience, because I highly reccomend this procedure. My vision is now 20/15, which is better than 20/20, even at a year out from my surgery. Now I have one less thing to worry about and I am very satisfied with the level of care at Seeca, because it was top notch!

Tesa Howell

When I was twelve years old, I was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and required brain surgery. A year later, I was kicked in the face by a horse, just inches away from my brain shunt, and from that point, my vision was poor. My awful vision was affecting my life and my hobbies. My parents wanted to help, so mom researched all the LASIK doctors in the region to make sure we found the best. After reading up on numerous doctors from Alabama to Louisiana she came across Dr. D. We were thrilled with the reviews we found all around the internet. We looked hard, but did not find one bad review. Then we went to the SEECA website which gave us all the information we needed to decide that Dr. D was the doctor for the job! The morning we headed towards Houma, I was so anxious to get there. My family and I made a road trip out of it, and SEECA offers a $100 travel voucher for out-of-towners…which I thought was very nice. When we finally made it there, I was so excited and so nervous, I mean these are my eyes and I can’t afford for anything to go wrong. I knew the next morning I would finally have the vision I had hoped for, and that’s exactly what happened. The office staff made me feel right at home and I had the sweetest physician assistant who helped me every step of the way. She even held my hand through the entire procedure. After just a few minutes I was out of surgery and back in the room with my parents. I was thrilled that surgery had gone so well. My parents were also thrilled, because Dr. D informed us that I qualified for the $699 an eye versus the $999 an eye we had planned for. I’m a pretty big sissy, but the healing process wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. I returned the following day for my post-op visit and my vision was amazing. I was sent home with a packet explaining everything I would encounter during the healing process, so there were no surprises. Upon returning home I told everyone about Dr. D and sent a friend to get her eyes done by Dr. D, because I’ve never known a doctor’s office to have so many discounts available on top of already wonderful prices. Now my friend has perfect vision too. I remember my first moment, realizing the benefit of my new vision. I was sitting on the couch with my husband, and for the first time ever I could easily read the small print on the TV guide on our TV which is clear across the living room. I yelled out in excitement (probably scared my husband) because I was so happy and I really wanted to cry! Now I can enjoy my life so much more. As an avid hunter, I can see wildlife much clearer than before and my dusk and dawn vision is much improved. As a barrel racer, I feel more confident guiding my horse through high speed maneuvers. College is better now too, because I don’t have to sit in the very front of the class to see the board. Work is better because I can see my ultrasound screen more clearly which allows me to provide better care to my patients. I also enjoy watching my husband race and I can see his car at the far end of the track much more clearly than before. There aren’t enough good things I can say about having LASIK eye surgery with Dr. D and SEECA. I am really glad my Mom was able to find Dr. D on the internet and it was definitely worth the drive. For years I struggled with poor vision, but now, I can see the way the good Lord intended. Thanks to Dr. D and the wonderful staff at SEECA.

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