SEECA - Specialty Eye Care - Houma, LA


We invite you visit our friendly, professional Optical team for your glasses and contact lens needs.  We are deeply committed to your complete visual satisfaction. We operate our own lens manufacturing lab in Houma where we hand-craft the highest quality lenses in the world.  Each pair of glasses is backed by an unconditional satisfaction and low price guarantee.  We accept most medical insurance plans.

Since our team of doctors are medical doctors and specialists, in most cases your eye exam will be covered under the benefits of your medical insurance.  To use your insurance, you will need a medical diagnosis for symtoms like cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, dry eyes, itchy eyes and/or red eyes.  Unfortunately, blurred vision and headaches are usually not covered by medical insurance.  If you think your prescription has changed, we encourage you to come in and get refracted during your eye exam for only $20.  Please be prepared to pay your copay and a refraction fee at the time of your visit. 

We invite you to come in today and see our large selection of glasses featuring Silhouettes and our large selection of sunglasses featuring Maui Jims, Costa Del Mars and Oakleys and Wiley X.  Did you know that we can even put your prescription in most of these stylish sunglasses?  We also have a huge selection of contact lens options and we are confident that we can find a pair of contacts or glasses that best suits your lifestyle and budget.  Be sure to ask about our discounts and rebates on a 1 year supply of contact lenses.